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backtracking: welcome penelope

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a kind mr. patrick hogan sold me his craftsman superior last month. i saw his post on briar press and quickly emailed him. he sent me home with a lot of letterpress goodies: complete press with rollers & chase, several wood type cases, a ton of 12pt times new roman type, handheld slug cutter, reglets, paint, tympan paper, gauge pins, composing stick, planer and brush. after picking up the goods from patrick, we visited the home of mr. meers and his sidekick jenny of lock and key press- jenny is helping mr. meers liquidate a lifetime of letterpress. from his awesome collection, i left with a big box of furniture, more paint, leads/slugs, regular and hi speed quoins, and some fun vintage letterpress ephemera printed from mr. meers himself. by the end of the day, the trunk of the suv was packed and the car tail-heavy. i remember that day, i had a heavy feeling in my chest, an overwhelming feeling of, "i am in over my head, what have i gotten myself into?"... that feeling lasted for only a split second. and on that day, after the anxiety subsided, i named my newly acquired letterpress 'penelope'

craftsman 6.5x10" tabletop platen printing press

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