feature fridays: kasey hamel wedding & event design

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as of late, i've been printing plenty of business cards... remember these "lucky in love" wedding invitations?  here are business cards for kasey hamel wedding & event in richmond, va.  although we've never met or spoken and live in different states, kasey and i have formed a sort of virtual business relationship... she'll design something for letterpress and i print and bring to life said lovely designs...

speaking of those "lucky in love" wedding invites... while on the phone with a bride recently, she asked,

"if i want letterpress postcard response cards, if they get wet, will they smudge or get destroyed?" my response, "good question" {as i was at a loss for words}.  how is that i never checked?  so i picked up an extra reply card i had and soaked it under running water.  literally.

oh, you don't believe me... here's another shot:

then i let the reply card dry.  get this:

no smudges.  no runny ink.  incredible {i know}.  the proof is in the pudding.  you're sold aren't you?! i know i am.  waterproof letterpress wedding invitations.  incredible.   have a great weekend!

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