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gettin' busy

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more ebay purchased type (36pt goudy and a mystery font) arrived in the mail! the seller of the "mystery" type didn't know the name or size of the type, so i was pleasantly surprised when it arrived! if anyone can identify the type name, leave me a comment please, i would appreciate it. i'm excited that i have a few projects scheduled for two good friends of mine that will be keeping me busy.. 60th birthday invites for my friend's mom and save the dates for a wedding that i'm also a bridesmaid for. i'll be sure to post pictures of the end product. i also might have a retail opportunity.. my husband's cousin has a retail gift shop and asked if i want to sell some of my cards there.. yah! below are the newest ebay purchases, vintage and all- if you look real close at the curvy type, you can even see vintage dust!

garamond type

letterpress script type

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