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happy birthday to me -- welcome blanche

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my birthday was over the weekend and yesterday, my birthday present arrived... a 1902 chandler and price old style 8x12 press!

i know! can you believe it? i'm crazy! so first to arrive was penelope- a 6 1/2x10 craftsmen superior, then came along gertrude- a 10x15 gordon, and now blanche- an 8x12 c&p. the good thing about blanche is that she's all ready to go.. so while my husband patiently gets gertrude up and running, i can start using blanche immediately-- she came to me clean, motorized, with rollers, and fully assembled!! i want to quietly squeal each time i think about it! now if i could only get my hands on a cute little poco proof press or a heavy duty vandercook, then i will officially be content =}

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