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i titled this post "aficionado" thinking it meant official, but not according to merriam-webster online which states afi·cio·na·do : a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity : devotee ; aficionados of the bullfight; movie aficionados. hmm.. so i guess the title makes sense after all since i would like to consider myself an aficionado of letterpress, among other things. back to the subject at hand.... it's official, penelope's press is now officially official! in the mail today arrived my certificate of ownership- penelope's press is a registered business in the state of IL. when i held the piece of paper with the gold foil emblem, i had such an exhilarating feeling! strange though because in my former life as a real estate agent, i also had an "official" piece of paper stating i was licensed in IL to practice real estate, yet that little paper never gave me the goose bumps. something about truly being my own boss.. ownership of something completely and utterly my own... gets me really, really pumped (hmmm and really, really scared at the same time). oh well.. i either succeed in my pursuits or fail miserably trying to succeed in my pursuits. win-win situation i suppose! below is said certificate of ownership along with the legal business notice that was printed in the local paper. note to self: must frame and hang certificate with fancy gold emblem and must scrapbook newspaper clipping. tee hee. i'm giddy, can you tell?

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