attention etsy customers: after 13+ years of having an etsy shop, the shop was abruptly closed on 4/10/23 due to a security breach. please read the full announcement on our homepage. thank you.



letterpress is a centuries old printing process invented by gutenberg during the 1400’s.  a raised form (such as metal or wood type, carved linoleum blocks, magnesium and copper plates, photopolymer plates) is inked and pressed into the paper, one sheet at a time and one color at a time.  unlike any other printing method, letterpress leaves a tactile impression that can be seen and felt.  due to the hand crafted nature of the letterpress process, slight variations in color, depth of impression, and registration may occur— this lends to the beauty and distinct character of letterpress.

at penelope’s press, we are home to a few iron friends.  penelope (our first press) is a craftsmen superior tabletop. the “golden girls” were later added: blanche– an old style 8×12 chandler and price, circa 1903, sophia– a new style 8×12 chandler and price, circa 1912, and rose– a potter proof press, circa 1910. there’s also quinn– a tiny model 1 improved and henry– our handy guillotine paper cutter.  recently we added a second craftsmen superior, a new style 10×15 chandler and price, and a model 55 hot foil stamping machine.