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lately i've been addicted to ebay for purchasing type and vintage cuts. i've snagged some good deals.. i watch the item and right when there's only seconds left, i pounce on the other bidders and put my bid in! it's a rush as i wait for the last few seconds to wind down hoping other bidders don't beat me to the deals! the only bad thing about getting used type is that it's usually vintage and with the age, sometimes comes layers of paint, oxidation, and a lot of dirt. to clean the type i googled and found that you can mix together a solution of lemon and vinegar. i bathed the type in the mix for a few days and some junk came off, but not enough. so i dunk the type in another bath of mineral spirits over night. after cleaning each and every piece of type with a toothbrush, it didn't come out as shiny and clean as i want, but clean enough. for weeks, the pied type sat until the other day when i finally decided to separate and organize. the type has been sitting on the kitchen counter for days.. so now i just have to figure out where to put the type in my little workroom.

letterpress type

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