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alright, so i don't exactly have any insider tips to hand out... but i did meet a few "insiders" of the trade who did give me a few tips. yesterday i was invited to a little gathering of the minds, where i met a few ladies who are either monthly or guest contributors over at oh my! handmade goodness. present were-


and then there was little 'ol me.. listening intently, furiously taking mental notes, and smiling fervently as they chatted casually about business. all of these women are some cool cats, really.. julie has her work licensed by a company that sells their willow figures at hallmark... stacy has 3 creative businesses... come on, really!?! i was privileged to be sitting among them and to listen to their stories.  for these women, i'm sure yesterday's chat was just a nice retreat from the everyday, but for me.. i drove home with a head full of to-do's, inspired, and recharged.. i felt like i could rule the world! alright, maybe not so much rule the world, but definitely motivated! cheers to .com queens, women owned businesses, and lovely handmade goodness!!

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