long live snail mail!

Posted by debbie lee on

with technology rampant... twitter, facebook, email, text, etc... it's nice to know that some people still write-- snail mail is alive and well!  with the holidays just around the corner, i've been at the press daily churning out the numerous personalized stationery orders that keep coming in.  it's nice knowing that a product that i hand cut, hand fed on a vintage press, packaged on my kitchen table, and mailed to the buyer will either use it themselves or give the personalized stationery to a friend, colleague, family member, teacher of their child, boss, etc as a christmas present, engagement gift, birthday gift, graduation gift, etc.  then one day, that person will hand write a sentiment in their own penmanship and either hand it to someone else personally or put a stamp on it and send it to yet another person. so cool!

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