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mommy mondays: a day in the life

Posted by debbie lee on

{this is a lengthy post... wordy with streaming thoughts and gasp, no photos!  people {specifically other moms} always ask me how i "do it", the whole work-at-home routine.  so, on a random day last month, i decided to log my day.  originally i included the day and exact times everything was happening and thought, "hmm... maybe that's not so smart".. i don't want to be too trusting of the internet.}

it's a tricky thing, being a work-at-home-mom.  it's a privilege to be home with the kids, to watch every step as they grow... to get every milestone on camera or video and to be involved with their school activities.  i also have less overhead because i don't rent or own a separate space.  plus, my "trip" to work is a few steps away... i can print in between nap time, loads of laundry, or at the break of dawn if i can't sleep.  on the flip side, i don't have the luxury of having a workplace away from home... i live and breath letterpress... when things get busy, the orders, the packaging materials, etc. are everywhere.  i guess it's a big balancing act.  people always ask how i take care of 3 kids and run my little letterpress business... good question.  there's no simple answer.  instead, here's a day in my life...

51 minutes after the hour:  i just dried my hands and sat at the kitchen table to write a quick recap... i've been up since 8.  it's a late start for me today, sleeping in until 8 {that's sad that sleeping until 8 is late}.  the late start is because i slept at 3 am last night finishing up holiday orders that have to go out.  the husband has already left for work.  everyone's already had breakfast but me.  there's a whole sink full of dishes.  this is not an exaggeration.  let's be honest, sometimes the dishes don't get done.  reality at the lee house.  i just filled the dishwasher {thank goodness for the dishwasher} and washed some pots {wow, even after that, there are still some lingering things to wash!}  the two older kids are running around and the christmas radio station is on in the background.  i look at the time and already i feel like the day is half over.  a few minutes have passed and i'm still sitting here.. time's a wasting.. need to wrap up this little entry:  dishes done, house swept, counter clean, jackets hung, read a dinosaur book to my son, load of kid clothes in the wash, renewed an etsy listing that sold a few seconds ago, corresponded with a friends who's having me print her wedding invites for 2012, glanced at personal and work email accounts, scanned google reader... ahhh, the day has just begun.. welcome to my life!

13 minutes later:  time to feed the baby... going to peel an apple and banana and grind it up in the blendtec {one of my most favorite kitchen gadgets, yah!}

16 minutes later:  baby fed.  hmm.. still crying.  need to entertain her.  holiday music off.  time for some news, msnbc is my tv station of choice.  time to play with baby.

8 minutes later:  oh, baby just wants to crawl.  time to scan and sweep the floor again, don't need baby chocking on table scraps from breakfast or a lego piece.

7 minutes later:  time is ticking.. time to get the kids ready for school.. upstairs we go.

44 minutes later:  kids dressed and ready for school, micro managed kids to pick up their toys and books off the floor.  now time to prepare lunch.  the nephew just got dropped off.. now i have 3 of my own kids + 1 to watch.

2 minutes later:  but first, need to quickly respond to customer email.  quick response times make for happy customers.

6 minutes later:  heated up fried rice from last night's dinner that i was sure to make an excess amount of.

17 minutes later:  off to take kid 1 to school.  then immediately after, need to drop off another kid + nephew to school.  got to get kids in car and go.  wasting time sitting here typing this.

45 minutes later:  successfully shuffled off 3 kids to school and one sleeping baby transferred out of carseat and into bed.  eating lunch now, also eating fried rice.. staring at my bowl and realized i didn't add any fried egg.  fail.  house is silent.  nice.  time to take bowl to couch to watch msnbc and scarf down lunch.

12 minutes later: wow, i just ate a second small serving of fried rice.. must've been really hungry.  need something sweet.  nature valley granola thin to quench my sweet tooth.  wow, this little thing is 80 calories.  it's snowing.  i love snow {not exaggerating}.

2 minutes later:  wow, it literally took me a minute to polish off 80 calories.  time to take the baby video monitor into my room and start printing.. less than an hour and a half of time before i need to pick up kid 1 from school.  but first, need to put another load of laundry in.  geez i'm tired.

43 minutes later:  in between printing, i placed wholesale envelope order.  quick email check.  house still quiet.  i like it.  back to printing.

21 minutes later:  packed an order.  responded to an email.  renewed another etsy listing.  almost time to pick up kid 1 from school.  missed a call from friend, need to catch up w/ later.  can't chat on phone and package at the same time.. slows me down.

a few minutes later:  shoot.. time to pick up kid 1 from school.  need to do a quick outfit change so i don't look look like i'm wearing pajamas.  need to transfer sleeping baby to car seat.  off to pick up kid.  note to self: call friend back that i ignored phone call earlier.

34 minutes later:  back home.  stopped by starbucks and treated myself to a chai tea latte and a marble loaf for the kids.  snack time for kid.  feed baby.  quickly need to finish packaging orders that i finished last night and the one order i finished while baby was sleeping.  package, weigh, print shipping label, attach shipping label, slap priority stickers, repeat process until all orders packaged and ready to go.

34 minutes later:  check email.  respond to customer.  note to self: email customers and thank for nice etsy feedback.

an hour later:  grab unfinished chai tea latte and walk to corner to pick up 2nd kid from school.  catch up w/ friend on phone that i didn't answer earlier.

another hour later:  have been back from the bus stop for a bit.  snack time for son.  quick chat w/ my sister.  note to self:  need to start christmas shopping.

another hour later:  need to get kids back in car for post office drop off.  if i was smart and more efficient, i would have my orders ready earlier and would schedule for my postman to pick up my orders from my doorstep.  the service is free and fabulous, but i'm too sloooowww.

47 minutes later:  back from post office.  house looks like a robber has been here.  baby sleeping.  kids playing.  time to add to the mess and get dinner started.

71 minutes later:  husband is finally home.. thank goodness.  need to finish preparing dinner. 

a few hours later:  family fed.  kids bathed, teeth brushed, read to, nightly prayer, and finally tucked in bed.

it's not even 9pm.  i'm tired of keeping track of what i'm doing.  sad thing is, my night has just begun.  good thing i enjoy what i do.  going to print for a few hours... then off to bed... then back at it in the morning!

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