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mommy mondays: punched and kicked multiple times

Posted by debbie lee on

alright, so the title of the post is a little misleading.  yes, i was punched and kicked multiple times last night and for the past several days & nights, but by the little tiny baby growing inside of me.  if you're a blog reader and you don't know me personally, i have a "bun in the oven"!  yep... we're having baby #3! which will probably explain my blog absence as of late.  i do apologize profusely blog reader.  {are you thinking to yourself, "where do you find the time to have two active toddlers, one more growing inside of you, and you just hit your 2 month mark on etsy yesterday?"}  ahhh... blog reader.. that is the golden question i continue to ask myself.  there is so much to blog about and so many photos and projects that i want to share with the blog world, but excuse me if i disappear here and there.  in the spirit of the new baby's up and coming arrival... here is a new card that i will be listing in the shop soon...

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