mommy mondays: sweet words from a mom-to-be

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over the weekend i was paid the nicest compliment by kasey of kasey hamel custom design + event styling, "I don't know if I've ever told you before, but I'm always telling my husband how you're my inspiration... I always say..."I could be like her one day!!"  blushing!  she had just finished reading one of my previous posts, "a day in the life"... her email said that she felt a sweet relief that her home-based business was going to work with a new baby on the way.  kasey was my first etsy wedding invitation inquiry.  of all my blog entries, her ever popular "lucky in love" invitation post is the most viewed.  kasey is expecting her first born, a baby boy.  congrats kasey!  if you're an expecting mother with a budding business... there is hope for you... you can do it!  if you need motherhood + business advice, i'm always open to sharing my stories!

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