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mommy mondays/tangent tuesdays: our little peanut

Posted by debbie lee on

hello blog friends!  i've been on a little sabbatical, i know.  i have good reason though... i gave birth to my third born!  she came out a tiny, but mighty little thang at a whopping 4 pounds and 3 oz!  {i normally don't get  very personal here in my little blog space, but i'm about to get a little personal}  i was discharged from the hospital in normal time, but my little peanut had to stay at the hospital longer than expected and not in the regular nursery, she was admitted to the NICU {neonatal intensive care unit}.  when i found out that i was going to be discharged but my baby was going to have to stay in the hospital a bit longer, i was hysterical a complete and utter mess.  how do you carry a baby in utero for 9 months, give birth to the baby, then just go home WITHOUT the baby??  that just isn't right.  needless to say, the fabulous NICU staff took fantastic care of our little peanut and before we knew it, our baby came home... hooray!  i was saddened though by our little peanut's baby neighbors in the NICU that couldn't go home with their families, especially the babies that had been there for months.. sigh.  thank goodness for modern medicine and excellent hospital care.  now the real work has begun!  i am home with 2 very active toddlers and a newborn.  holy cow.

prior to the baby being born, i consciously made the decision not to close the shop down and continue to take orders... this decision has somewhat kept me sane.  when the baby naps {which is a LOT}, i've started to get back into the swing of things... responding to etsy inquiries and emails, printing, etc... despite that i am really exhausted, it's nice to have a little "me" time when everyone is sound asleep.

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