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national stationery show recap part 2

Posted by debbie lee on

back to my national stationery show recap…

lesson #2:  when you think you packed everything you need and have double or triple checked…. check again then again… and then have someone else with fresh eyes check too!

it was in the wee hours in the morning when i packed for the show,  so while i swear i checked everything twice and three times, apparently my eyes failed me.  not only did i forget 3 or so cards from the line,  i also forgot one of my lined envelopes that coordinates with my fill-in-invitation collection.  so on saturday before heading to the javitz for day 2 of setup, we ran a few errands.  i did a quick stop at paper presentation, the retail side of one my wholesalers, to try to find the liner for the fill-in-invitation that i forgot.

paper presentation store in nyc

paper presentation store in nyc

while i was in paper heaven, they didn’t have what i needed.  unfortunately, i had to showcase the fill-in invitation collection without any of the envelope liners since one was missing.  fail.  hence, lesson #2.

after rushing around the city doing errands, we finally made it to the javitz.  i dropped off my board for the best new product competition {we didn’t win, but was honored to have been a finalist!} and we were off to finish up the booth.

best new product finalist at NSS

lesson #3:  when in doubt, use tape.

i use a lot of tape in my little business, but goodness, tape was our best friend at the show!  we used double-sided tape to put up the wood logo sign, heavy-duty double-sided outdoor tape to hang a picture frame, and duck tape to tape our walls to our neighbor’s walls for reinforcement!

tradeshow prep at NSS

after all the tape, putting up product on shelves, and ordering last minute lighting due to the hard wall fiasco in the last post {lesson #1}, we were finally ready, with i must say, a pretty good looking booth!  {i posted a ton of pictures throughout the show on instagram and facebook… let’s connect on social media!}  stay tuned for more on the show tomorrow!

penelope's press tradeshow booth at NSS, national stationery show


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