pink & brown revisted: part 1

Posted by debbie lee on

my good friend remy is getting hitched and i was honored to print their wedding invitations. geoff {her fiance} is one of the talents behind the ever successful video game call of duty: modern warfare 2 and he designed the vine and cherry blossom image on their invitations. i was really happy with the outcome {and so were the bride and groom-to-be}... the invitations reflect the ultra-modern and chic style of their outdoor, malibu wedding!

here are pictures of the different steps and the finished product...

{mag plates printed on crane's 220 lb lettra in fluorescent white, reply card printed on coordinating 110 lb lettra, hand mixed ink, entourage and particulars inserts ink jet printed on 32 lb cotton paper, hand punched paper flower and pearl embellishment}

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