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Posted by debbie lee on

resolution #1 for small business: go public with blog {done}


yikes! i've done it. i'm public now. people out there will actually be able to find my blog and read it. oh no. scary. i don't know what is more scary?? knowing that i'm officially exposed- this blog- with all my thoughts, opinions, photos, randomness, typos, lowercase typed rants, and overuse of ellipses- exposed to stalker blog reading people like myself, critical readers, mean commenters, or just pure crazies out there OR the fact that i could potentially be writing for no one but myself. i am liking the latter.


now that i am public, i am going to publicly blog about some resolutions i have for the new year for my little penelope's press:


1. go public with blog-- seriously, i have been posting to the imaginary reader long enough {done}

2. blog more-- be inspired by the movie julie & julia and blog more, if that girl could blog everyday, then i should at least try to blog once a week, right?

3. make myself some business cards-- how is it that i've made business cards for someone else already?

4. open an esty shop and actually list something for sale-- alright, i must admit, i've already opened up an etsy sellers account but have nothing to sell.. how does that make any sense?

5. stop buying so much stuff, unless you plan on using it-- why do i need so much stuff? i like to call it "supplies", but come on now, i need to be real with myself... what are the "supplies" for if i'm not making anything with it?


phew. that's exhausting. for now, i am impressed that i have taken the plunge and am now public. so, hello world wide web! be kind to me-- unexperienced blogger, newbie wannabe printer, and longtime paper fanatic can be quite sensitive ;)

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