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souvenir foto school update

Posted by debbie lee on

here are my most recent images for G, H, I, and J.  in case you're curious, i shoot with a humble canon eos digital rebel xsi.  it came with a kit lens, but i received a 60mm macro lens from the husband for christmas '10 and LOVE it and use it all the time!  i also shoot in manual.  in manual, you have control over the aperture, iso, and shutter speed... and that my friends is pretty much where my knowledge of dslr functions end.

in case you've just started following the blog... i am participating in souvenir foto school and will be posting all of my photos.  

the assignment:  to shoot a photograph a day for 30 days, using the alphabet as your guide

my theme:  close up shots of print/book/paper related items

G for gooey {the day i took this picture i had to mix a color called "peacock".  i use both oil and rubber based inks in both tubes and cans.  this is a tube of oil based ink in pantone green.}

H for hamilton type cabinet {i was squatting while taking this picture... that's when i realized that it would be really nice to have a tripod.}

I for ink {these are cans of rubber based ink.  one of the biggest differences between oil and rubber based inks is the drying time... rubber based ink can stay on the press for hours, even overnight, without drying.}

J for jotting in a journal {my friend melanie was over when i took this picture this past sunday and i made her quickly pose for me.  i would have taken a picture of my own fingers, but they are not cute- chubby man hands, wrinkly skin, and ink stains on my nails and cuticles.  gross.}

i've been receiving comments and emails that folks are enjoying the fotos.  i may just have to incorporate a new blog series, perhaps "foto fridays".  have a wonderful {and creative} week!

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