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today, my younger brother asked me where my "klmnop" was?  confused, i said, "huh?".  he was referring to the photos that i am supposed to be taking for the alphabet challenge that i'm participating in.  i am in fact taking a photo-a-day, but not blogging everyday about it.  i thought i was perhaps boring people with posting them everyday.  my brother said he was expecting it everyday.  whoops.  perhaps you, my blog reader, are expecting it too?  here are my k-q images from the past couple of days... enjoy!

in case you've just started following the blog... i am participating in souvenir foto school and will be posting all of my photos.  

the assignment:  to shoot a photograph a day for 30 days, using the alphabet as your guide

my theme:  close up shots of print/book/paper related items

K for keys

these are keys taken from my "new", old underwood typewriter.  i love typewriters.  this was purchased last fall at the randolph street market. 

typewriter keys

L for ligatures 

these are ligatures from my collection of 18pt goudy italic and caslon old style.  in case you don't know what a ligature is... back in the day, ligatures were formed when 2 or more letters were combined to form one character. 



M for monogram

i bought this cut this past fall at the l.a. printers fair.



N for nibs

in calligraphy, the nib is the metal part that is dipped in ink. nibs are also found in quills and fountain pens.  these nibs belong to my sister.  she dabbled in calligraphy many moons ago.  oh how i wish i knew how to write calligraphy.  soon.  

calligraphy nibs


O for off cuts

off cuts are the remnants/scraps of paper, fabric, wood, etc. of the main project/piece.

off cuts


P for pantone color guide

the pantone color guide is a color matching system used in many industries.

pantone color guide


and today...

Q for quoins

those metal rectangle type things are high speed quoins.  when the quoins are tightened, they expand and lock up your form {or hold a boxcar base} in your chase which is then placed inside the platen or on the bed of the press. 


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