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tangent tuesdays: a veggie garden & bacon covered donuts

Posted by debbie lee on

spring has sprung and the rain in the midwest has given us a little break... i'm a little late getting started this year, but yesterday i picked up a few things to plant in my veggie garden.  last year i grew 3 kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini {i also tried lettuce, but that failed miserably} and was quite happy with the results.  i also had a mini herb garden and grew cilantro, parsley, and basil.  in addition to cucumbers and tomatoes, i've decided to add yellow and orange peppers, eggplant,  and yellow grape tomatoes.  if you ever plan on starting a vegetable garden, think twice about zucchini... it grows rampant and messy and invades on the space of the veggies.

later today i'm going to get down and dirty and pull out all of the weeds that have grown with all of the spring rain any plant my vegetables.  yes, those are weeds...

on a non-healthy note... this past weekend we celebrated my nephew's 1st communion.  his godfather brought over donuts for breakfast...

yep, that's bacon on top of the donuts!  it has got to be the most unheatlhy donuts out there.  i dislike bacon {not because it's fattening, i love fattening food, ha!} but my husband insisted i take a bite... it actually wasn't that bad.  these healthy gems were bought at the donut den in joliet.

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