tangent tuesdays: animal visitors

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this is really random.  a few weeks ago, i saw a big fat bunny in my vegetable garden {warning: horrible camera phone pictures}

yes... there is a garden underneath all of those weeds... that's what happens when you go on vacation for 10 days during torrential rain storms.  the picture on the left is the bunny {she doesn't look so fat here... but her belly was big} and the picture on the right is the bunny trying to make a quick escape after she hears me banging on the window like a maniac.  

the weekend came and i spent hours pulling at the weeds.  tired and dripping sweat, i reached for a pile of twigs and was stopped in my tracks.  i screamed to my husband that there was a family of field mice in my garden.  after closer inspection, we realized it was baby bunnies.  the darn fat rabbit had her babies in my garden!  {yes, i know... there are plenty more weeds that i still need to pick.  can you see the baby bunnies though?  look closely}

the bunnies were so small, with their eyes still closed and their ears tucked back.  they've left their home in my garden and they are big now.. i see them running around the yard.  here are three of them... can you find them?  

{that's right... i know... i have weeds to pick outside the garden bed too}

just yesterday though... my kids were playing on their playset when my son started screaming bloody murder that there was something in their playset... so i come running like a nut, thinking they've found a mouse or snake or something... but no.  tucked at the base of their playset... MORE BABY BUNNIES.. seriously?!  our backyard is no longer ours.  

the bunnies should stay away if they know what's good for them.  my husband spotted a hawk perched on our gutter...

 after all those weeds were picked... look at that... the first harvest of the season... yellow & red grape and roma tomatoes and a pepper too!  back to letterpress related news tomorrow... promise.

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