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to my handful of loyal readers, i'm back!

the hubby and i were in costa rica the past week in celebration of 5 fantastic years of marriage! in costa rica, we mingled with the monkeys, zip-lined through the rain forest, boiled in the hot springs, drank too much coffee, ate too much food, and came back a tad heavier and a shade darker!

seeing that the husband and i just celebrated our anniversary, i have decided to dedicate today's post on the top 10 reasons why i love my husband {here's the catch, letterpress related}...

10. he drives me everywhere: he does not like me going to check out letterpress goods by myself so, he's driven me to random, rural midwest cities- loves park, il, atlanta, il, mt. pleasant, iowa, and bishop hill, il just to name a few

9. he likes to get dirty: he goes in musty basements and abandoned shacks and handles dusty to greasy equipment for me

8. he does a lot of heavy lifting: 1500 pounds of cast iron. enough said.

7. he coordinates the rentals of forklifts, trailers, and even manpower

6. he likes to play letterpress legos: he is currently trying to put together a dismantled press for me and is my technical guru for tightening bolts and tweaking parts

5. he's my personal shopper: he carries letterpress type, boxes of envelopes, etc. at sales so that my hands are free to rummage through all the goodies

4. he likes to share: he let me have the spare room and a third of our garage to store all of my letterpress treasures

3. he is helpful: when i am in a crunch, he is always ready to help me cut paper, add an embellishment, or stuff envelopes

2. he shares in my happiness: when i land a good deal for a press or ink or used type, he is just as excited as i am

1. and the number one reason why i love my husband {letterpress related}... he's my #1 fan: he has been so, so, so unbelievably supportive with my letterpress endeavour! supportive in every way.

go hubby, cheers to you... and cheers to all of the spouses, significant others, children, family members, friends, etc that support that special someone in doing that special something!!!

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