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tangent tuesdays: i'm back

Posted by debbie lee on

i've been on sabbatical, vacation, holiday.. what have you... for 2 weeks.  i closed the etsy shop for the first time...  no blogging, no facebook page posts, no printing... {ok, that's a lie.. i've been crazy busy with outside etsy orders and knee deep in wedding season}.

aside from catching up on printing {so much to post about!}, the husband had a sales meeting and wind power conference to attend on the west coast scheduled for two consecutive weeks.  instead of flying back and forth and back and forth, we decided to accompany him and make a family vacation out of the days in between his two work events.

we didn't tell the kids the itinerary, so you can imagine the surprise when we took them to disneyland...

and to legoland... {you must go... it's awesome for younger aged kids!}...

we relaxed a few days with a college friend and her husband "g" {a video game designer for call of duty... super cool!!} in their awesome mid century modern home in the hills... my son loved just hanging out and playing video games.  "g" even sketched a few things for my son which he gingerly carried onto the airplane and would not let go of...

we also did plenty of shopping, relaxing, and eating {gggrreat... now i have to lose vacation weight on top of baby weight.  fantastic.}

{in-n-out burgers... so bad, but so good}

{l & l... oh boy, love me some hawaiian bbq... chicken katsu, macaroni salad.. sigh}

{brazilian from pampas grill at the farmers market at the grove... my husband and i shared this plate... over  2 pounds of food... sick {i know}, but so yummy...

the vacation is over... sigh.  back to reality... big things are happening behind the scenes with penelope's press and plenty of projects to report.. stay tuned!

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