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the evolution of my paper cutter

Posted by debbie lee on

i was {and still am} a scrapbooker before i got knee deep in letterpress and this used to be my paper cutter... pretty and green with a little cute bug emblem on it.  i thought it was pretty nifty that you could cut and score with it.

then, in addition to scrapbooking more,  i started making more cards and invitations for myself, family, and friends...  so i upgraded to this paper cutter.  i thought it was awesome with its heavy duty wood base and handy dandy grid for measuring... i thought i was cool with my big, bad paper cutter that had the capability to cleanly cut less than 10 sheets of text weight paper at a time.

then i got involved in letterpress and realized that the paper i was using was so thick that my big, bad paper cutter could barely cut 2 sheets of 110 lb cover at once.  forget when i tried cutting double-ply 220 lb cover, that nearly broke the darn thing.  i quickly realized i needed yet another upgrade and got myself a guillotine cutter.  behold this beast...

it's made by american machinery & manufacturing company and the only reason i know that is because it's right on the cutter.  i know really nothing else about this guillotine besides that it is really heavy,  it takes 2-3 people to carry it, it's made out of cast iron, and weighs well over 300 pounds.  it cannot score, it has no fancy grid, but it can cut like no other!  

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