tradeshow thursdays: sign + booth prep

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diary of a nss newbie, post #4 {37 days left}

it’s down to the wire folks… the show is less than 6 weeks away.  in the alumni forum of the tradeshow bootcamp, everyone is hustling.  anything outside of my normal online orders and handful of wedding and custom orders, is difficult to squeeze into the schedule.  it’s been late nights, nail-biting, and stress induced eczema and acne.  it’s not cute.

knocked off {or near completion} of my laundry list of to-do’s are:

  • –pre-show mailer design complete
  • –logo sign was ordered and received
  • –flooring chosen
  • –booth building has begun
  • –accommodations booked

alright… now that i’m looking at my list, it doesn’t look like i’ve accomplished much.  time to stop blogging and keep going.  until next time… but before i go, here are a few pictures…

logo mock up taped up on my living room wall to help visualize size:

tradeshow signage

and here it is!  one custom laser cut mdf logo:

laser cut wood sign

booth building underway… one of many visits to home depot:

NSS tradeshow booth building

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