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workday wednesdays: atsuko & karl

Posted by debbie lee on

wedding season is here and i've been swamped with wedding after wedding {i'm not complaining, it's great!}

i met atsuko back in college and was ever so delighted when she asked me to print her wedding invitations {their proposal was caught on tape by cbs news and they have the cutest save the date video EVER, no really... i watched it over and over and over}!  it was my biggest wedding order to date... 200 invites, 3 color run, and double-sided reply postcards {that's 1800 passes through the press, woah!}

i love how atsuko and karl infused a little bit of culture into their invites... the back of the reply cards are written in french, japanese, and german!  a big congratulations to atsuko and karl.. i'm so happy for you both!! 

here's a sneak peak of their invites {i don't want to spoil it for those invited, they haven't all been mailed yet}... design collaboration by the bride, groom, and their lovely bridesmaid susie alegado and printed by moi!

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