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just poking in to say hi. the kids’ school schedule, homework, and sports activities are kicking my butt. let’s not discuss that i’m still wading in wedding season and as soon as it’s over it will be time to gear up for the quickly approaching holiday season. gah! i say it with every prolonged absence, but i am trying. thanks to all of you loyal readers that have stuck around!

that’s neither here nor there. what really matters is that the blog has received a recent makeover! the fabulous lindsay of lindsay nicole design moved my blog from blogger to wordpress as well as gave it a new + clean look with some pops of color. i love how it turned out and it complements my e-commerce site nicely. if you need a blog designer, lindsay is your go to gal!

{forgive me if there are some quirks with the new blog platform, i’m still trying to figure out wordpress}

penelope's press website layout

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