ladies of letterpress conference 2012 recap

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last weekend i went to the ladies of letterpress conference {i went last year, remember this recap and here too?} held in asheville, north carolina.  {warning, this post is full of iphone pics, not the best of quality, sorry!}

as usual, the conference had some fun swag

ladies of letterpress conference

there was informative panels and awesome speakers {from seasoned printers to retailers and legal experts} that were more than happy to share their stories, expertise, and tips

ladies of letterpress co-founders

above, ladies of letterpress co-founders jessica and kseniya greeting everyone

ladies of letterpress conference speakers

ladies of letterpress conference speakers

ladies of letterpress conference speakers

{top photo amy of paper boat studios , rachael of pistachio press, kathryn of blackbird press  middle photo susan of chirps and cheers, holly of salutations, peter of laywine's   bottom photo liz of full circle press, travis of parklife press, lisa of sapling press, allison of igloo press}

oh and so many more not pictured like kyle of boxcar press and john of letterpress things

the reception and keynote were held at the nearby "venue" where abigail rorer of lone oak press gave an inspirational talk on her lifetime career in printing 

ladies of letterpress conference 2012

this year the trade and printer's fair was twice as large as last years, from paper vendors to a showcase of wares from talented printers

headcase press {yes, that is type jewelry!}

headcase press at ladies of letterpress conference 2012

fair trade eco handmade papers made from women in bangladesh - sustain & heal by de milo design

sustain and heal at ladies of letterpress conference 2012

letterpress goodies from pistachio press, smokey road press, fly rabbit press, and greengirl press

ladies of letterpress conference vendors

there was a screening of proceed and be bold, a letterpress documentary on amos kennedy jr, a known name in the letterpress world, followed by a Q&A session with amos and film director laura zinger

proceed and be bold

amos kennedy jr at ladies of letterpress conference

there is amos signing some posters i bought.  his posters range from bold and thought provoking to witty.

believe it or not, there was even a mixer and printer's dance party - yes, i said it.  believe you me, these printers can get down!

the most invaluable part of the conference is meeting fellow printers!  i met allison and daniel of ink meets paper and co-founders of the letterpress hotline {have i told you that i am volunteer for the hotline?!  it's free, if you have a question, call to speak to a letterpress printer!}

letterpress hotline

and a slew of incredibly talented printers including fellow chicagoan shayna of steel petal press, julie and tyna of henry + co, and kat of gilah press

letterpress business cards

and of course in between all of the learning and mingling was a whole lot of indulging in local asheville eats

asheville eats

thank you ladies of letterpress for another great year... see you all next year in iowa!

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