fancy fonts + another birthday

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yesterday i celebrated my ahem "24th" birthday {sure... i wish, add a whopping 10 to that number!}  i have realized as the years pass, the lower key the celebration is, the more i like it!  gone are the days of dressing up to the t's and having a night out on the town.  instead, i spent the early part of the day working on files for photopolymer plates for some new designs and custom projects. the husband took a half day and gave me a break from my normal routine of juggling the kids and penelope's press.  then, the husband, children and i ate lobster {at red lobster, haha, let's keep it real}, put the kids to bed, and spent the remainder of the night on the couch catching up on dvr'ed episodes of our favorite shows.  i also treated myself to a birthday gift {the husband's gift to me is the new ipad, woot! i cannot wait for it to arrive} and finally splurged and bought some fonts that i've been pining over for some time now... here are a few that i purchased.. i cannot wait to use them on some designs that we're conjuring up here.  you can pick up some awesome fonts for yourself or a friend at  


script fontscript fontscript font

{thank you lynda of greenstar creative for introducing me to "samantha"... love it!} 

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