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well folks, i did it... i took a photo a day {with the exception of 4 days, because it was allowed} of a-z for the entire month of february.  here are my final 4 photos that i took.  {i'll let you know when the next class is so you can join in on the fun}

in case you've just started following the blog... i am participating in souvenir foto school and will be posting all of my photos.  

the assignment:  to shoot a photograph a day for 30 days, using the alphabet as your guide

my theme:  close up shots of print/book/paper related items

W for wood type

wood type from my collection placed on top of more wood type

wood type


X for xylograph

xylograph is an engraving on wood.  in collecting all of my letterpress paraphernalia these past few years, sometimes things just get thrown in because the seller wants to get rid of it.  these are the only engraved pieces in my collection.. an "s" and a really large percentage sign symbol.  engraved blocks differ than milled wood type because the engraving is done by hand... you can see the marks and nics left by the engraving tools {no, i did not know the word xylograph until this class} 

wood type


Y for yesteryear

i took this picture with my iphone and instagramed it because i am clueless on how to use filters or presets in photoshop and wanted to give it that sepia-ish look.

my little workroom transforms into a scene from the past... hence y for yesteryear!  these are two of my printing presses and guillotine paper cutter, circa early 1900's

printing press


Z for zig zag

a zig zag border from my collection

letterpress border

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