food + foto fridays: week 1

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hello there.  normally friday would be "feature fridays", but today and for the next 5 weeks, it will be food+foto fridays!  "why?" you ask... well... let's take it back over a year ago.  i love reading blogs... one blog takes you to the next and so on and so on and before you know it, you're following a ridiculous amount of blogs and then you wonder to yourself.. why am i reading all of these blogs?   i have so much stuff to do... kids to take care of, a house to clean, a business to build.  {oh, ok.. so maybe that's just how it goes for me}.  so anyway, last year sometime i stumbled upon "the blah, blah, blagh"... written by a witty blogger known as "miss b."  upon reading a few of her posts, i was hooked on her humor, sarcasm, and photos.  it turns out that miss b. is also the founder of the bright side project - where wonderful giveaways are up for the taking!  {alright, cut to the chase already}  so, miss b.  occasionally hosts web sessions called souvenir foto school to encourage you to shoot {with a camera} and see the extraordinary in the ordinary {as miss b. likes to put it}.  the first time i joined, i wanted to learn a few photography tips and to practice taking pictures in the hopes it would improve my blog and product photos.  i enjoyed it so much that i've joined again.  this time around, the subject is food and miss b. is encouraging all of her "students" to post their photos on their blogs.  for six weeks, our assignment is to take photos of food.  it's getting chilly here in the midwest, so i've decided to concentrate on soups... presenting food+foto fridays: week 1: tortilla soup.  {if you want to join miss b. and her students on a food+foto adventure, click 'here' to sign up}

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