show and tell tuesdays: my two typewriters

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did you notice the new title of this post? on tuesdays, {when i post on tuesdays} it's normally "tangent tuesdays"... i've decided to change it up a bit and alternate from "tangent tuesdsays" and "show and tell tuesdays"... on show and tell tuesdays, i'll give you a little peak into my workspace and showcase letterpress paraphernalia and other random things laying around that may be of interest.


my earliest typing lessons were on my parent's typewriter from the 70's.  i've always been obsessed with the little gadget and growing up would throw hints and outright requests to have it passed down to me when they didn't want it anymore.  a few years ago, my parents finally let it go!

a few weeks ago i dragged my friend melanie with me to an antique market to hunt for some good finds {if you read my last post, i also dragged that same friend melanie with me to california.. she's such a good friend!}.  look what i found... and at an awesome, rock bottom price!

isn't she a beauty!!  she's still dirty and is still sitting on the floor, but once she gets cleaned up and when the occasion presents itself, she'll be used as a prop for product shots.  eye candy and useful... can't get better than that!

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