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here's my souvenir foto recap from the weekend...

in case you've just started following the blog... i am participating in souvenir foto school and will be posting all of my photos.  

the assignment:  to shoot a photograph a day for 30 days, using the alphabet as your guide

my theme:  close up shots of print/book/paper related items

T for tuscan floral type

i purchased this pretty and ornate set at the annual midwest and great northern printers fair this past year and cannot wait to print with it!

tuscan floral type

U for uppercase

just a few capital letters from my collection of type

letterpress type



V for  vandercook


so yah, snore.  i think this photo is so, so boring.  i took an unplanned nap on sunday which ran right into my evening plans so i literally assembled the paper model in the car on the way to our party and took this photo in the parking lot on top of the hood of our car as the sun was going down.  BUT, it did take care of my "V" word!

this is a tiny paper model of a vandercook proof press - a cylinder, flatbed press.  the vandercook is unlike the presses that i use regularly {i own platen presses w/ flywheels}.  the vandercook is like a porshe, range rover, bentley {what have you} of the letterpress world.  everyone wants one.  they cost an arm and a leg so this paper model is the closest i'm going to get to owning one, ha!  the paper model was in our tote bag of goodies from paul moxon at the ladies of letterpress conference i attended this past august.

{i should've placed something near it to show the scale of the model, the paper vandercook is a little longer than the length of your hand}

paper vandercrook

that's it for now folks.  only a few more days left of photo goodness.  have a productive {and creative} week!

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