tangent tuesdays: my youngest

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today is my baby’s second birthday.  i remember that day clearly… i went to my regularly scheduled doctor visit and at to everyone’s surprise, it turned out i was going to deliver sooner than later.  the doctor told me to tie up loose ends at home and head to labor and delivery.  i remember leaving the doctor’s office stunned.  i called up my husband and told him we were having a baby, but to first come home as quickly as he could to help me package my orders and drop them to the post office {i know, crazy.  it was probably all the hormones making me a little nutty.}  she was so tiny, born at only 4lbs and 3 ounces.  now, 2 years later, she has a full mouth of teeth, running fast, and doesn’t stop talking!  i am so blessed that i have the opportunity to run my business from home while raising my children– it’s a difficult feat, but incredibly rewarding.  happiest 2nd birthday to my baby girl!

k at birth

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