mommy mondays: personalized thank you cards

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thank you cards 4 ways

my good friend {and client} remy is expecting!  with the birth of a baby comes many presents... baby shower gifts, hospital visit gifts, 1st time meeting baby gifts, i saw this at the store and it's so cute gifts... remy needed some thank you cards and apparently she wanted some variety, so she ordered 4 different styles!  congrats to remy and geoff, i can't wait to meet baby smith!

a big thank you for voting and sending penelope's press to the second round of the mission small business grant... your support means so much!

{like my new tricks?  i'll need to tell you about this class i took recently.  i will post about it soon!}

have a productive and creative week ahead!

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workday wednesdays: how to start a movement

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i have been trying to get votes for this small business grant i applied for.  a few days ago, my little brother sent me this email:

You've got 22 days to make everyone join in the fun in voting for you.

From my view, your true believer, and first follower, seems to be
Terence. Then it's Elaine Villaflores. You are the ember, teach them
how they can spark the revolution.

Morning motivation!

Check out this video on YouTube:

talk about motivation!  don't you love TED talks?  go out there and be that ember, or in this case, the lone nut! 

"if you really care about starting a movement, have the courage to follow and show others how to follow"


won't you follow my movement and vote for penelope's press to win a small business grant?  click here for instructions


*terence is my husband and elaine v. is a good friend  

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penelope's press needs your votes!

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hello blog friends!  i recently applied for a small business grant and could really use your help with votes.  while completing the essay portion of the grant application, i got choked up a bit.  i cannot believe how far penelope's press has grown in the past few years.  none of it would have been possible without the encouragement of so many.  i dream of opening a community print shop to offer letterpress workshops... won't you help me get there?

below is the email message i have been sending out--


Dear family, friends, clients, and supporters of Penelope's Press,

Penelope's Press recently applied for a small business grant. Chase and LivingSocial are sponsoring "Mission: Small Business", a grant program awarding $3 million to small business owners nationwide. Your support could translate into a $250,000 grant, but we need at least 250 votes {through June 30th} at in order to qualify and proceed to the next phase of voting.

It only takes 30 seconds to vote!

  • Visit
  • Click on "Log in & Support" with your Facebook account
  • Enter "Penelope's Press" in the business name field and click "Search" and then "Vote"

Please support Penelope's Press by submitting your vote today!

You have supported Penelope's Press in many ways because you have promoted or purchased, fanned or tweeted, pinned or liked Penelope's Press. We are a successful boutique letterpress print + design studio because of your support. Penelope's Press dreams of expanding and transitioning to a brick and mortar community print shop, where handmade goods from local artists will be sold, workshops are taught, and letterpress thrives! The promotion and preservation of print is important to us. Please visit, your continued support means so much!

{If you are not already a fan, you can 'Like' our Facebook page here:}

Thank you always,


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national stationery show recap

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i recently returned from a quick visit to nyc to walk the national stationery show at the javits center, the biggest trade show for the industry.  how big?  there were roughly 800 some exhibitors, 11,000 some buyers from stationery, card and gift shops; bookstores; bridal shops; party stores; department, chain and specialty stores; large chains and "big box" mass retailers; online retailers and mail order catalogs; as well as special event planners, corporate marketers, importers and distributors, and 300 some members of the trade and consumer press {stats from the}... that's how big!  the show is only open to those in the trade and press, not the public, so i was surrounded by true paper lovers, it was a fantastic experience!

i took the first flight in on saturday and with me, took my photographer friend elaine, and my flower friend, jackie for a mini "working" vacation.  upon arrival, we visited the flower district {on west 28th street between 6th and 7th avenue}, ate some food truck gyros, and oohed and aahed over all the pretty flowers and foliage.

the next day was the big show!  i only had one day to walk the show, sunday, but i arrived at the show at opening and stayed until close.  elaine came with me and was my official photographer for the day.  naturally, as a photographer, she wants to take pictures of EVERYTHING creative and interesting.  sadly, but understandably, some exhibitors didn't want photos of their booth or product taken.  the exhibitors that didn't mind though, were gracious, thankful, and welcoming!

enough "talking" already and on to the pictures.  all of these photos were taken by my awesome friend elaine.  she's having a new home built on the web, but in the meantime you can visit her here.  i do not like getting in front of the camera, but elaine insisted on documenting my whole experience. 

national stationery show steps

and thank goodness she was there to take photos, because most of the time, my hands were full, and my face looked like this {completely candid photo, ha!}...

pp at nss

as soon as we walked in, the first booth we saw was of b.t. elements... we were blown away!

bt elements at nss 2012

i had a long list of exhibitors i wanted to meet, so it was booth after booth after booth!  we started at 10am and took our first and only break at 3:45pm then kept going until close at 6pm.  this is only a sampling of all the photos elaine took!  first up was blue barnhouse

blue barnhouse

the ladies of letterpress {which i am a member of} had a combined booth showcasing 11 talented stationers.  among my favorites were seed house, moglea, and petal press...

ladies of letterpress booth at nss 2012

ladies of letterpress booth at nss-2

adrienne of dingat press and i in her super, fabulous, scalloped wall-filled booth.  

dingbat press at nss

dingbat press at nss 2012-2

 the cute husband and wife duo, garett + jessica, of wednesday 

wednesday at nss 2012

me with the ladies of sugarcube press

sugarcube press at nss 2012

the sisters of fawnsberg and i... they have awesome stamps that i must buy soon.

fawnswberg at nss 2012

fawnsberg at nss 2012

i met sarah of the permanent collection press last year at the ladies of letterpress conference where we chatted it up and quickly became friends.  this year she debuted at the stationery show... so proud of her!

the permanent collection at nss 2012

the permanent collection at nss 2012

allison of the social type with her refreshing + colorful goods

the social type at nss 2012

the awesome booth of one canoe two

one canoe two at nss 2012

rebekah of wild ink press with her ridiculously awesome ombre walls

wild ink press at nss 2012

wild ink press booth at nss 2012

super adorable kim of paper lovely

paper lovely press at nss 2012

paper lovely press booth at nss 2012

the nic studio and their awesome artwork {how many times have i used the word "awesome" in this post?}

the nic studio at nss 2012

the funny jodi of paisley tree press

paisley press at nss 2012

amber of flywheel press was so kind... she took some time to chat with me about exhibiting... she was so encouraging and offered to give me advice anytime!  incredible!

flywheel press at nss 2012

lisa of sapling press has the wittiest cards

sapling press at nss 2012

sapling press at nss 2012

pistachio press sans rachael who i heard speak at the ladies of letterpress conference last year

pistachio press booth at nss 2012

pistachio press at nss 2012

the incredible booths of blackbird letterpress

blackbird letterpress at nss 2012

and two paper dolls

two paper dolls at nss 2012

paper boat studios had awesome letterpress game pieces, dominos and checkers, so cool!

paper boat studios at nss 2012

paper boat studios at nss 2012

katie of kelp designs runs tradeshow bootcamp an awesome resource if you're looking to exhibit at the stationery show {i took one seminar last year to get my feet wet and cannot wait to take part in the upcoming series}

tradeshow bootcamp at nss 2012

egg press with their incredible line of cards

egg press booth at nss 2012

egg press at nss 2012

i cannot get enough of kate & birdie paper co.

kate and birdie at nss 2012

kate and birdie at nss 2012

this is me saying, "your stuff is so awesome!" {see there's the word awesome again}  to the sisters of 9spotmonk.  vivian thought she was being "punked" with ashton kutcher {that one show} because i kept oohing and ahhing.  she said people like me don't come into booths with my reaction.  i know, i was a big dork that day with either eyes of wonder or the goofiest grin plastered on my face.

9spotmonk at nss 2012

9spotmonk card at nss 2012

while at 9spotmonk, i ran into retailer kara of magnificent milestones where my chicago line of cards and notes that my sister illustrated are sold

magnificent milestones

and last, but not least for photos, is suann of simplesong design and fifteen/eleven.  i love everything about her designs, style, and inspirational style blog

simplesong design at nss 2012

simplesong design

simplesong design at nss 2012

phew that was a long post {that's not even a fraction of all of the photos that were taken}!  again, a huge thanks to elaine for taking all the photos!

the talent was amazing, products beautiful, and exhibitors exceptionally encouraging and kind!  it is incredible meeting the folks behinds the products that i've admired online, who's blogs i've read up and down, and websites i stalk {there were dozens more i wish i had the time to meet}!  i came back with awesome paper goodies and samples, made many stationery contacts, and have a renewed sense of creativity and energy!  thank you nyc for a fantastic working vacation!  i hope to return next year as an exhibitor!  cheers to you... i hope you do something creative this memorial day weekend!

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happy mother's day!

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wedding photo with mom

this is one of my favorite photos of my mom and i at my wedding, we're kneeling at the statue of the virgin mary.  wishing all of my mommy readers {and my own mom} a blessed mother's day!  

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